[FFmpeg-devel] IRC meeting summary for Outeachy Fundraising (Item No.5)

Yayoi Ukai yayoi.ukai at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 06:10:21 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

Here is the meeting summary for yesterday meeting (Item No.5 about Outreachy).
I also added possible future agenda. And please let me know if you
have any questions. Also, I will probably start a separate mailing
list for just regarding outreachy related issues, unless I should keep
writing here. So please let me know if you want to subscribe or I
should just keep writing it here.

But in any cases, if you are very sad that you missed the meeting and
especially about the discussion item No.5 of yesterday's meeting,
Here is the summary. (So you know what happened in this topic at
least! So don't be sad! Also, you can read the log as well) Please let
me know that if you want to help, or you want to know what's going on


Meeting Summary:
(Start of the summary)

Action Items:

1. FFmpeg will participate Outreachy

2. FFmpeg has a money to support intern but prefer to raise funds

3. Micheal will be a mentor (tentative). Developers will discuss the
idea of the project and will be determined. (possibly more mentor
candidates and Mentors need to commit 5 hours a week during the
internship period.)

4. Lou will review the email template that Yayoi wrote last week and will be
decided on the final template

5. Yayoi will ask to Outreach Organizer about the deadline for the
Ffmpeg participation

6. Yayoi will start emailing to companies once we are set on email template

Other Topics:

1. Micheal and Stafano oversees Outreachy budget and continue to be so.

2. Yayoi's logistical question about fundraising will be answered separately

(End of Summary)

Future agenda (Suggestion):

1. Candidate recruiting

2. Mentor/Intern happiness



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