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Here is your original email. Which seems to have gotten lost in this thread now:
OK so here is what I am attempting to do:
Take any video (major codecs/wrappers) and have ffmpeg convert them into an H.264/mp4 file that will play on the major smart phones; mainly, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, Android 2.1u1 on up, etc. I have been able to produce a file from SUPER (by eRightSoft) which also uses ffmpeg to convert the files (I think it may also be making use of DirectShow for decoding) into an mp4/H.264/AAC LC video file that plays as mentioned above.  For desktop viewing the file is sent with mime type video/quicktime which seems to satisfy that end.

Now, eventually I will want to run my script to output 2 files from each input video; one for mobile devices smaller file size and then for desktop a larger file size based on definition/quality. May need more than 2 in the final version.

What questions have ye?
Actually, it seems that your actual questions were lost in this thread long ago, keep in mind most of us are working off of the mailing list, not the actual forum where you are most likely posting, so not being able to see quoted text is a huge inconvenience to us. So to be fair to the list, always quote text.

Your input looks identical to your SUPER settings, except as mentioned above, "An MP4 file is not really streamable until you run  qt-faststart  on it." Also you do not need the -qscale option in your line. I also dug this thread out regarding multiple outputs for you http://ffmpeg-users.933282.n4.nabble.com/Multiple-output-files-td2076623.html; it seems as though this is a future direction you are going in. Hope this helps.


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> To be fair to the list, the only question you asked was whether anyone
> had a question.  I'd take the lack of response to mean that they don't.
> you have a specific question that got lost somewhere along the line?
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Mr. James; fairness to the list is a commendable idea, however, it wasn't my
only question! Let me straight here, I am a web developer with 9 years under
my belt, my weakness is with video. When I posted my initial question to
this list I was met with only one reply that was nothing but a series of
questions. Now, please do not take me wrongly here, I understand full well
that there are times when questions need to be answered in order to give an
answer. However, my question was straight forward and very simple, does this
match this; that's it, and I answered as many of the questions as I felt
were even remotely related to my question only to be left sitting and
waiting. I have posted questions to this list and watched a zero response
condition develop.
BTW you mentioned that I only asked if anyone else had a question? Means you
gave the email only a cursory glance before popping off what must've seemed
to be a clever quip.

Sooooo.... am I missing something? Have I made myself an unwelcome visitor? 

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