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Rhodri James rhodri at kynesim.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 18:27:28 CEST 2011

On Fri, 22 Jul 2011 16:50:48 +0100, HallMarc Websites  
<marc at hallmarcwebsites.com> wrote:

>> To be fair to the list, the only question you asked was whether anyone
>> else had a question.  I'd take the lack of response to mean that they
>> don't. Did you have a specific question that got lost somewhere along
>> the line?
> Mr. James; fairness to the list is a commendable idea, however, it  
> wasn't my only question!


I'm afraid I only joined the mailing list in time to read the email
that I responded to, and I stand by my comments on that.  With no
previous context, "What questions have ye?" is the only question
I can see.  For my benefit, could you possibly supply the context?

> When I posted my initial question to
> this list I was met with only one reply that was nothing but a series of
> questions. Now, please do not take me wrongly here, I understand full  
> well
> that there are times when questions need to be answered in order to give  
> an
> answer. However, my question was straight forward and very simple, does  
> this
> match this; that's it, and I answered as many of the questions as I felt
> were even remotely related to my question only to be left sitting and
> waiting. I have posted questions to this list and watched a zero response
> condition develop.

For a specialist membership list where everyone is going to have their
particular sub-specialism, this is perfectly normal.  I would just
observe that "does this match this" is very often not a simple question
at all.

> BTW you mentioned that I only asked if anyone else had a question? Means  
> you gave the email only a cursory glance before popping off what must've  
> seemed to be a clever quip.

It seems you didn't read your email at all.  Also, as ways to make
friends and influence people go, this doesn't.

Rhodri James
Kynesim Ltd

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