[FFmpeg-user] Fatal errors

agowad at gmail.com agowad at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 18:37:41 CEST 2012

Hi Carl

>> I was wondering if there is any list of ffmpeg errors 
>> that should be considered as fatal? Fatal for me means 
>> that there is a risk that output file was not properly 
>> generated. 
>A risk? 

Yes, I want to be sure that the output file was successfully generated and that there is no risk that it is anyhow corrupted. I don't know much about ffmpeg, and I assume that it can exit with code 0 but at the same time write to the output some errors that may (or may not) affect a generated video. This is why I used word risk.
>Please understand that afaict the developers do not see 
>error strings as part of the API, so whatever you are 
>trying to do will definitely break fast. 
>Try instead to explain what you want to do, perhaps 
>someone on the list can help you. 

I am using ffmpeg.exe to convert video to mp4 format (among other things). I don't remember why but (I assume) there was a reason why I decided to analyse ffmpeg output for errors (maybe exit code hasn't worked for me in some cases).
So what I want to do is to detect when ffmpeg fails to create completely correct converted file.


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