[FFmpeg-user] HLS example

Andrey Mochenov andrey.mochenov at idomoo.com
Mon Aug 12 16:22:25 CEST 2013

Hi gentlemen,

We are trying to write a simple HLS code example based on muxing.c standard
Let be two input streams, video and audio (they can be synthetic, doesn't
matter). Our purpose is to mux them into M3U8 playlist using HLS. Suppose,
duration of every TS segment file be 3 sec.
What are the corresponding codec parameters to be set (may be, segment
duration, etc.)? My be, AVOutputFormat ff_hls_muxer from hlsenc.c file
(from FFmpeg application sources) can be used here? Since there is no
corresponding documentation for HLS FFmpeg functions, I ask you to help us
with it.

Thank you,
Andrey Mochenov.

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