[FFmpeg-user] convert/replay H263 raw file Form rtp payload

Manfred Ehgartner manfred.ehgartner at gmx.net
Mon Aug 12 20:48:23 CEST 2013

Hello, I am currently Wirkung in a project, where I have pcaps containing h263 and h264 rtp streams. I dont habe ans signaling, SDP info, just the rtp streams and I need Tod create something playable out oft it. For H264 I succeeded using videosnarf. The output raw file oft videosnarf could be converted Tod a MPEG Or avi file using ffmpeg. Unfortunately videosnarf doesnt support h263, so I tried manually just dump the rtp payload into some file, but this couldnt be read by ffmpeg. Also the output oft rtpbreak couldnt be processed by ffmpeg. So I assume, videosnarf is not simply dumping the rtp payload to a file. How must the h263 Payload be modified that the file can be read using ffmpeg -i ? I am happy about every hint

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