[FFmpeg-user] About license of FFmpeg

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu May 16 22:51:21 CEST 2013

Am 16.05.2013 12:46, schrieb Duong Tuan Dat (FSU15.BU3):
> I want to develop an application that uses FFmpeg, but I have not been clear about license of FFmpeg yet.
> So please help me with this question:
> I use FFmpeg to mux a video and an audio file together by calling FFmpeg.exe in my application (create new process for FFmpeg.exe and input command line to it).
> I have not modify anything of FFmpeg.exe

and so it does not matter if GPL, LGPL or whatever license
because you are *not linking* by call a binary which *never* affects any *source license*

> (1)    FFmpeg is built with "--enable-gpl" or "--enable-nonfree"

which makes the ffmpeg binary *non redistributeable*

> (2)    FFmpeg is built without  "--enable-gpl" and  "--enable-nonfree".
> I understand that FFmpeg is under GPL in case (1), LGPL in case (2)? Is that true?

GPL or LGPL is not relevant if you *only call the binary* as said
"--enable-nonfree" are *npn distributeable* binaries

so you better avoid to ship the ffmpeg-binary at all and distribute
your application alone with the link to whatever ffmpeg-bin to be safe

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