[FFmpeg-user] Best documentation web site ( or other source )

Hans J. Albertsson hans.j.albertsson at branneriet.se
Sun Nov 24 18:24:55 CET 2013

I wasn't complaining!

I found a workable solution to my particular instance of whatever the 
problem is, on my own, BUT the process was haphazard and random and 
The only hard and helpful bit I had to go on was your own observation 
that the avi spec and what avi players actually handle differ more than 
most other container formats. Thanks!
It led me to try some random remuxings and I found one that produced a 
playable file. I still can't remux that back to a new and working avi 
file.  But I'm pragmatic.

Still, this will happen again, and I'd REALLY love to have a better 
understanding of what could be done.

So my question on documentation is a very real and reasonable one; WHICH 
ONES are the CURRENTLY best documentation sites??

My further musings are just as relevant, as an indication of what doc 
sites to consider.

Had my own random attempts failed I would of course have come back with 
much more detail and long test runs with various debug or info reports 
or whatever.

As it is; My other question at this moment is; What in my first remux 
attempt, where I removed the first audio stream, was it that made the 
resulting avi container fail??
Thinking logically I'd say somehow removing the first audio stream took 
away some important piece from the resulting avi file. Possibly time 
stamps?? Time info was badly confused in all the media players I tried 
after that. And possibly more bits disappeared at the same time.

I do understand I cannot reasonably expect anyone on this list to guess 
at this from my rather scanty description, but I do think it's 
reasonable to expect people to point me at what they think are the best 
doc sites.

On 2013-11-24 13:36, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Hans J. Albertsson writes:
>> Like just recently I had a problem in deleting one
>> audio stream ( a disinterested dubbed version of the
>> original audio ) from an avi file, resulting in the
>> remaining audio stream being deemed unsupported by all
>> my media players.
> (which media players?)
> Please allow me to repeat that your original problem
> (some media players do not support specification-
> conforming multichannel audio in avi) has nothing to
> do with timestamps.
> Regarding your timestamp issue, you did not give
> enough information (command line including complete,
> uncut console output) to allow reproducing the problem.
> I suggest you continue asking usage questions here.
> But working on our documentation is of course very
> highly welcome!
> Carl Eugen
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