[FFmpeg-user] Best documentation web site ( or other source )

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Nov 24 18:59:16 CET 2013

Hans J. Albertsson writes:

> I wasn't complaining!

Well, I was;-)

You didn't tell us which media player you are using 
so the developers don't know if you are just complaining 
about your player (on the wrong mailing list) or if 
there is an unknown bug that should be investigated.

You apparently found a most likely unrelated bug 
concerning remuxing to mkv but since all necessary 
information is missing, I have no idea how to reproduce 
/ fix the problem (if there is one).


> So my question on documentation is a very real and 
> reasonable one; WHICH ONES are the CURRENTLY best 
> documentation sites??

Sorry, but what other site should be useful?
(And not horribly outdated?)

Concerning future reports: It is typically useful if 
you simply describe what you are trying to do ("Remuxing 
ac3 to avi") and what fails ("no audio") and don't try 
hard to find an explanation ("Removal of one audio 
stream breaks avi"), it may puzzle developers.


> As it is; My other question at this moment is; What in 
> my first remux attempt, where I removed the first 
> audio stream, was it that made the resulting avi 
> container fail??

I answered this twice (or three times?) now, please 
understand that I will only answer it again once I 
know which players you tested.

Finally, please do not top-post here, Carl Eugen

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