[FFmpeg-user] compiling with libx265

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Dec 1 19:39:01 CET 2014

Le primidi 11 frimaire, an CCXXIII, tim nicholson a écrit :
> Whilst acknowledging that this patch works (thanks), I am trying to
> understand why package config is failing in this case,

Your first snippet shows:

>>> /usr/local/lib64/libx265.a(bitcost.cpp.o):

That means you are trying to compile with static libx265.a; the default
seems to be shared libx265.so. Do you know how you achieved this? Maybe

> looking at x265.pc it has:-
> Libs: -L${libdir} -lx265
> Libs.private: -lstdc++ -lm -lrt
> so should cover the requirements from their default location surely?

This happens even if -DENABLE_SHARED=OFF was set, and I believe this is
wrong. Compare with what x264 produces:

* With --enable-shared:

  Libs: -L${exec_prefix}/lib -lx264 
  Libs.private: -lpthread -lm -ldl

* With --enable-static:

  Libs: -L${exec_prefix}/lib -lx264 -lpthread -lm -ldl

So my diagnosis is that x265's .pc file is wrong when x265 is built with
shared libraries disabled.


  Nicolas George
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