[FFmpeg-user] Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro doesn't like ProRes output

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Tue Dec 30 16:27:52 CET 2014

Hi folks,
I'm sure this won't be of interest to a sufficiently large audience to warrant any changes, but just for the record - no, Blackmagic disk recorders won't play ProRes files encoded with ffmpeg.
I used a command similar to:
ffmpeg -i "D:\BMD 4k\Blackmagic Production Camera 4K_1_2014-02-05_0557_C0000.mov" -c:v prores_ks -s 1920x1080 -profile:v 3 -c:a copy -probesize 5000000 -qscale 11 "D:\BMD 4k\Blackmagic Production Camera 4K_1_2014-02-05_0557_C0000_hd.mov" This is the sort of command I've used quite successfully in other situations, including with Atomos recorders.
VLC plays the output happily, the hardware recorder hops and skips through it, dropping frames (though the bitrate is reasonable) and showing strange half-pictures.
Just so we know, anyway. Not particularly expecting anything to happen about it.

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