[FFmpeg-user] Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro doesn't like ProRes output

Rens Dijkshoorn rens at offlinemedia.nl
Tue Dec 30 17:10:11 CET 2014

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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro doesn't like ProRes	output

> Hi folks,
> I'm sure this won't be of interest to a sufficiently large audience to warrant
> any changes, but just for the record - no, Blackmagic disk recorders won't play
> ProRes files encoded with ffmpeg.
> I used a command similar to:
> ffmpeg -i "D:\BMD 4k\Blackmagic Production Camera
> 4K_1_2014-02-05_0557_C0000.mov" -c:v prores_ks -s 1920x1080 -profile:v 3 -c:a
> copy -probesize 5000000 -qscale 11 "D:\BMD 4k\Blackmagic Production Camera
> 4K_1_2014-02-05_0557_C0000_hd.mov" This is the sort of command I've used quite
> successfully in other situations, including with Atomos recorders.
> VLC plays the output happily, the hardware recorder hops and skips through it,
> dropping frames (though the bitrate is reasonable) and showing strange
> half-pictures.
> Just so we know, anyway. Not particularly expecting anything to happen about it.
> P

Hi Phil,

we did use a BMD Hyperdeck about 1.5 year ago to review ffmbc/ffmpeg transcoded XAVC
files 4K at 25P Prores HQ files. The only thing I remember that we needed to match the
track layout to be the same as produced by original hyperdeck recordings.

Maybe this helps.

Regards Rens

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