[FFmpeg-user] My recent post..

Guido Budack glaivy at yandex.com
Tue Mar 4 03:11:51 CET 2014

Hello Community,

recently I posted here concerning a question about the ffmpeg-server resp. a client module.
I probably overlooked possible replies (because of the big number of posts) but supposed
not to have gotten one. Because of this here once more and a modified, more precise demand/ post:

I need a lightweight video-server (like ffserver seems to be) with the additional (but optional and so not necessary)
possibility to embed text in the signaflow/ image(s) (what ffserver probably can't).

Furthermore I need a lightweight video-client (what ffclient seems to be) to embed into my
website. To be precise I am going to embed two clients which supposed to get their 'input' from 2 very different
(if not one of em local) IP's.


1. is it possible to integrate ffclient into a website by HTML and if so where do I get some detailed information about it?
 (please, I am busy... be congrete!)

2. if so, will there be no problem to integrate 2 clients at the same time feeded from two different locations?
 (somebody experience with it?)

3. I need round about 10-15 frames/sec. to accomplish the goal to get a still acceptable motion-video- which compression 
 methods  would you recommend or should I change my mind and tend to a different number?
 The website include other streams and bandwidth is 'precious'...

Thanks for your consideration.


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