[FFmpeg-user] Security Error 2123 reading bitmapdata

George Boney gcboney at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 14 15:01:50 CET 2014

I have an ActionScript Application that connects to FFSERVER (run by a 
different entity) to display an FLV stream. When my application issues a 
“bitmapData.draw” in ActionScript, it returns an error “SecurityError: 
Error #2122” or “SecurityError: Error 2123”.

These errors are Adobe Sandbox errors. ActionScript default security 
does not allow you to access the bitmap data just because you can access 
the stream. It is not completely clear from the documentation, but I 
think it occurs because my swf file is loaded from a different domain 
than the video stream.

According to Adobe documentation, this error can be resolved by either:
a) a crossdomain.xml file from the same URL as the video stream, or
b) the publisher setting “videoSampleAccess” in the stream. (see

The people that administer the FFSERVER are willing to work with me on 
this issue, but after a month or two of searching, we still don’t know 
how to implement either of these solutions. I suspect solution (b) is 
the best method, but I would expect there to be some parameter we set in 
the <stream> configuration to enable videoSampleAccess (either directly 
or through Metadata), and we were unable to find one.

There are some comments on the web that discuss the publisher setting 
“RTSPSampleAccess, True, True”, but this is an FLV stream so I don’t 
think that would apply in this casel.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I was going to look at the source for 
configuring a FLV stream and just see if there were any undocumented 
parameters, but I am not that familiar with the FFSERVER source and have 
not had the time.


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