[FFmpeg-user] HLS Demuxing Live content from first segment

Jamie Stackhouse jamie.stackhouse at teamspace.ca
Fri Mar 14 19:50:01 CET 2014


I'm attempting to use FFmpeg to demux an HLS input into jpegs using image2.
We have a livestream that is using a sliding window, served from Akamai
normally, however I've pulled the required files onto my local machine for
testing purposes.

I'm hoping we are able to tell ffmpeg to connect to the variant playlist,
and start generating images from the first segment in a playlist file,
whereas currently, it starts from the last segment, as the playlist is
still considered live. I assume the solution will involve seeking.

Command I tried (Simulated time is a patch we are creating/using to name
the files based upon unix timestamp)
ffmpeg -ss 0:00:00 -i http://localhost:8888/master.m3u8 -ss 0:00:00 -f
image2 -vsync 0 -simtime 1394809200 -y images/%d_%02d.jpg

Command + Output

In the output, I see a could not seek error, and it begins generating
frames from the current live segment.

Thanks for any help,

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