[FFmpeg-user] Can I change overlay color of subtitle?

Kimio Miyamura xanadu at apost.plala.or.jp
Sun Oct 12 19:29:06 CEST 2014

2014/10/13 2:05、Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote: 

> Le primidi 21 vendémiaire, an CCXXIII, Kimio Miyamura a écrit :
>> I know that vobsub subtitles are bitmaps.  But in a original DVD, the
>> subtitle are white bordered in black.  I don't know how ffmpeg process
>> those subtitle, but I think ffmpeg intentionally change the color of
>> subtitle.  Am I wrong?
> In DVDs, the subtitles colors are stored in the IFO metadata file. Your
> command line does not use that file (and actually, FFmpeg is not capable of
> taking advantage of it yet), so the palette is lost.
> You can override the palette using the -palette option to the dvdsub
> decoder.
> If that does not work or if it is not powerful enough, remember that once
> you use the bitmap subtitles in the filter graph, they are actually treated
> as video (with alpha). So you can use all video filters, and amongst the
> various hue and lut filters there is probably one that can change the
> colors.

Thank you very much.  Now I understand why my command line produce yellow colored subtitle.  Also I understand how to change the color using -pallet option.

> As a side note, I see your command line accesses the VOB files directly in
> the DVD-Video file structure. That is almost always wrong. You need to use
> DVD-Video-aware software to reconstruct the MPEG streams correctly. You can
> use the dvd2concat for that for example, or mplayer -dumpstream.

OK, I will take care...

// Miya

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