[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg development

Steve Corrao stevecorrao at outlook.com
Sat Apr 16 18:43:01 CEST 2016

Hi -

I'm emailing to ask for some professional assistance.

I'm having trouble preforming an audio task in ffmpeg and am looking for someone with more expertise and programming experience than myself.

I would like to use ffmpeg to RMS normalize audio files to a specified RMS (mean) dB level.

My thought is to use a conditional statement to create an effect that can automatically read RMS (mean) level of an audio file and then automatically set the RMS (mean) level to a specified dB level.

Theoretical example:  ffmpeg -i  (inputfilename) -af  "normalize_rms=-20dB" (outputfilename)

Explanation of Conditional Statement and Example:

1. run astats or volumedetect to calculate RMS level.

2. If RMS level = X dB, then add Y dB level to match the user specified dB level.
    Example:   If RMS level = -30dB, and user specified RMS level = -20dB, then add 10dB.

Please feel free to respond to stevecorrao at outlook.com is this project anyone is interested in developing.

Best Regards,


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