[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg development

PSPunch shima at pspunch.com
Mon Apr 18 06:12:36 CEST 2016

On 2016/04/17 1:43, Steve Corrao wrote:
> 1. run astats or volumedetect to calculate RMS level.
> 2. If RMS level = X dB, then add Y dB level to match the user specified dB level.
>      Example:   If RMS level = -30dB, and user specified RMS level = -20dB, then add 10dB.

If LUFS can be used instead of RMS, this could be achieved by a two step 
process. I could not find a tool off the shelf that measures RMS, 
However, to my understanding, LUFS/LKFS is now the standard method of 
normalizing audio for broadcast.

1. Measure LUFS using BS1770GAIN.

2. Transcode the source with FFmpeg with "--vol" option using values 
parsed earlier.

David Shimamoto

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