[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg reading from pipe selecting frames

Dan Shamir dan at idomoo.com
Sun Dec 4 10:01:54 EET 2016

here is my problem
im reading raw nv12 frames from a pipe with this command:
ffmpeg   -f rawvideo -pixel_format nv12 -s 1280x720  -i ppp  -ss 0 -t 1
-f rawvideo -pixel_format nv12 -s 1280x720   -i ppp  -ss 3 -t 1  -c:v
libx264   -bf 2 -refs 4  -qmin 25 -qmax 25 -movflags +faststart -c:a aac -r
25 -g 25 -f mp4 xxx.mp4

im trying to read 1 sec of frames and then read more from sec 3 to 4
ffmpe seems to close the pipe or stop on the firts input
any way to tell ffmpe to read and use onely selected parts from multiple
inputs or event the same pipe?

writing 100 frames to pipe
first input is frames from 0-10 and then seconde input is 20-30
and get an mp4 with 20 frames total?
any help please?


Dan shamir
Director of Graphic Technology

*dan at idomoo.com <dan at idomoo.com>*

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