[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg-user] VOB, DV, AVI, TS...

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 17:30:18 EET 2016

2016-12-05 17:56 GMT+01:00 Toerless Eckert <tte at cs.fau.de>:

>> > Only mplayer can correctly play back aspect changes with AVI,
>> > kodi, ffplay, vlc all just play back with the initial aspect ratio.
>> The reason may be that aspect ratio change in avi is not well
>> specified.
> Yeah.... how do i compare a badly documented Microsoft format that

I suspect that the MS specification of avi does not support
aspect ratio change, just MEncoder's implementation.

> does support what i want with a probably much better specified
> open source format (matroska) that seemingly does not do what i want ;-))

Did you verify that this isn't just a bug in FFmpeg?

>> > The PS files created with "-f vob" or "-f dvd" in ffmpeg have about
>> > the same size as avi and are correctly played back with AR changes
>> > by ffplay, vlc, kodi. The versions of mplayer i tried only plays back
>> > mpeg2 video in PS, not h264. Alas, i have some important apps that
>> > leverage mplayer.
>> This should work with -demuxer lavf but it seems that the usual h264
>> timestamp problem hits us.
> http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1722/contributions/2015/IEEE1722_H264_Timestamps.pdf
> ?

I forgot:
Patch (very) welcome, note that the relevant document, H.222, is not
easy to implement though.


> I am not aware that any commercial media creates h264 inside MPEG-2 PS

As said this is not true (not even that you are not aware).

Carl Eugen

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