[FFmpeg-user] Ffmpeg Concat Images failure

Cley Faye cleyfaye at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 16:05:02 EEST 2016

2016-07-09 14:39 GMT+02:00 Vivek Jain <vivek.jain at mindtickle.com>:

> Below is the output. I see the below 2 files which errors out are PNG
> whereas others are JPEG. I guess that's an issue?

‚ÄčI'm still learning about ffmpeg, but what I know is that concat expect all
the files to have roughly the same layout and codecs. As it is, it is
decoding all your files using what's found in the first file (a jpeg), so
all your files must be jpegs.
The same thing happen if you use concat with multiple files with clashing
audio settings (different rates, different channel layouts, etc): the
output is garbled (or just fail to process).

Also, although it doesn't matter here, you might want to avoid naming your
files ".png" if they really are jpegs...

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