[FFmpeg-user] Ffmpeg Concat Images failure

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sat Jul 9 16:34:29 EEST 2016

Le duodi 22 messidor, an CCXXIV, Cley Faye a écrit :
> > Below is the output. I see the below 2 files which errors out are PNG
> > whereas others are JPEG. I guess that's an issue?
> I'm still learning about ffmpeg, but what I know is that concat expect all
> the files to have roughly the same layout and codecs. As it is, it is
> decoding all your files using what's found in the first file (a jpeg), so
> all your files must be jpegs.
> The same thing happen if you use concat with multiple files with clashing
> audio settings (different rates, different channel layouts, etc): the
> output is garbled (or just fail to process).
> Also, although it doesn't matter here, you might want to avoid naming your
> files ".png" if they really are jpegs...

That would have been almost exactly my answer. That was in fact the issue I
suspected when asking for the file output.

I would suggest to re-generate all the files as actual PNGs, since PNG is


  Nicolas George
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