[FFmpeg-user] tools for viewing frames and results

Sven C. Dack sven.c.dack at sky.com
Sun Oct 9 02:52:00 EEST 2016

On 08/10/16 23:24, Xen wrote:
> Is there any way in Linux to obtain an accurate frame/time number through a 
> GUI that can be used with ffmpeg?
> I know Avidemux hardly works at all, VLC will not reliably show frames.
> Pitivi is not an option, I haven't tried Kdenlive because it crashed the first 
> time I used it.
> Haven't attempted OpenShot or Cinerella and "DragonPlayer" is too worthless to 
> exist.
> What is a good tool to view results after you've created a video? Because VLC 
> closes its window and constantly resizes stuff it is not very suitable.
> GMplayer in Debian doesn't work. (Kubuntu).
> Regards.
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Don't call the work of others "too worthless to exist". Your rudeness is 
uncalled for.

VLC doesn't have to skip frames but drops them as a feature to hurry up the 
playback. You'll find it in its many advanced options. If its about viewing a 
video frame by frame then you can reconfigure the GUI of VLC to include a button 
for it. You'll find a keyboard shortcut for it, too.

My preferred player is mpv - simple, fast and yet powerful options. You can 
watch a video frame by frame with , and . in single steps. When you start it 
from the command line with --osd-fractions will it show an exact time code down 
to milliseconds on the console.

$ apt-get install mpv

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