[FFmpeg-user] tools for viewing frames and results

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Mon Oct 10 00:00:26 EEST 2016

Sven C. Dack schreef op 09-10-2016 1:52:

> Don't call the work of others "too worthless to exist". Your rudeness
> is uncalled for.

And that's denigrating and patronizing, but so you have it.

I think it hardly can be considered "the work of others" or even "a 
work" in the light of things, because it was not inspired but compelled, 
but have it your way. That software has consistently failed to play 
anything I threw at it and has caused me more time than it ever rewarded 
me with, so I consider it... too worthless to exist yes.

Maybe you shouldn't go patronizing someone as the first answer to a 
question you've been asked, or that you're trying to answer, with 
respect to the situation of it.

But I still thank you for your answer.

> VLC doesn't have to skip frames but drops them as a feature to hurry
> up the playback. You'll find it in its many advanced options. If its
> about viewing a video frame by frame then you can reconfigure the GUI
> of VLC to include a button for it. You'll find a keyboard shortcut for
> it, too.

I know and I have tried it many times but it does not skip to the last 
frame consistently, for one thing.

> My preferred player is mpv - simple, fast and yet powerful options.
> You can watch a video frame by frame with , and . in single steps.
> When you start it from the command line with --osd-fractions will it
> show an exact time code down to milliseconds on the console.
> $ apt-get install mpv

Well thank you. Now was that so hard to do? Yes, I can patronize as well 


Anyway, thanks for this information, I wish it could be just about the 
information instead of telling others what to do and what not to do and 
all of that.


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