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Vuerstaek, Maarten (EC) Maarten.Vuerstaek at avnet.eu
Thu Mar 8 15:33:54 EET 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to do something simple that I can't find the documentation for.  I want to get all the video-files from a folder and cut them all into frames, all together in 1 folder.
I am opening ffmpeg in powershell and using this command
.\ffmpeg.exe -i C:\Users\VuerstaekM\Desktop\ffmpeg-20180307-5ab0ecf-win64-static\03072018\video.mp4 C:\Users\VuerstaekM\Desktop\ffmpeg-20180307-5ab0ecf-win64-static\pics2\frame%d.png

Which works fine for a single video, but I have about a 100 a day, so I need a better solution.

Thanks in advance guys!
Maarten Vuerstaek
IT Support
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Avnet Logistics
Limesweg 4
3700 Tongeren
+32 12 242 888
IT-ISO-Tongeren at avnet.eu<mailto:IT-ISO-Tongeren at avnet.eu>

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