[FFmpeg-user] isn't this a moderated list?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sat Apr 13 06:08:37 EEST 2019

Apparently not. Should it be? Maybe.

Many of the technical lists I'm on are lightly moderated, in that a member's 
first couple of posts are held for approval to make sure they're relevant 
and contain the requisite info*. The mods will also hold member messages 
when that person shows a record of posting off-topic, badly-formatted, or 
abusive messages.

*maybe a quarter to a third(?) of first messages here don't seem to contain 
the full command output or are using an ancient build; a mod could request 
that info

Doing this requires a few people willing to handle the moderation queue and 
a general understanding that they may have to occasionally ban a member. 
Given the current traffic of this list, this shouldn't take more than a few 
minutes every day.

I would welcome that level of moderation.

(Noted that the version of mailman installed for ffmpeg.org is rather old 
2.1.20 (2015-03-31), it's currently at 2.1.29 (2018-07-24). As a list 
operator, I recommend upgrading; it's really easy.)



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