[FFmpeg-user] isn't this a moderated list?

James Northrup jim at vsiwest.com
Sat Apr 13 08:03:02 EEST 2019

the hosting of mailing list, trac, faq, docs, nightlies and repo all feels like micro management that has great results during the period of intense development and activity but liable to age faster than the median open source without active involvement.

I see more and more projects willfully refer GitHub issues/questions to SO site(s) which has harsh topic requirements and behavioral  controls.  In the past being scatter-brained and terse has opened my eyes to “good conduct” there.  

I would feel comfortable with that outcome for ffmpeg/vlc/mplayer etc. in general  going under that umbrella.  The enhcancement of search engine results will be an immediate benefit for sure.


From: Carl Zwanzig
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2019 10:08 AM
To: ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org
Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-user] isn't this a moderated list?

Apparently not. Should it be? Maybe.

Many of the technical lists I'm on are lightly moderated, in that a member's 
first couple of posts are held for approval to make sure they're relevant 
and contain the requisite info*. The mods will also hold member messages 
when that person shows a record of posting off-topic, badly-formatted, or 
abusive messages.

*maybe a quarter to a third(?) of first messages here don't seem to contain 
the full command output or are using an ancient build; a mod could request 
that info

Doing this requires a few people willing to handle the moderation queue and 
a general understanding that they may have to occasionally ban a member. 
Given the current traffic of this list, this shouldn't take more than a few 
minutes every day.

I would welcome that level of moderation.

(Noted that the version of mailman installed for ffmpeg.org is rather old 
2.1.20 (2015-03-31), it's currently at 2.1.29 (2018-07-24). As a list 
operator, I recommend upgrading; it's really easy.)


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