[FFmpeg-user] Contractor to help with filters

Oliver Dain oliver at revl.com
Mon Dec 30 23:51:32 EET 2019

Hi ffmpeg-users,

My company, revl.com, has several videos that could be improved. We've
played around with ffmpeg filters and haven't had much success. We're
hoping to find a contractor who can help. This would be a paid contract
probably lasting about a week.

Specifically we have 4 types of issues:

1. Sections of video that are too dark due to back-lighting
2. Sections of video that are too dark due to general low-light levels
3. Bits of video that are shaky
4. Videos that generally look OK but could look even better with different
saturation or contrast settings.

Ffmpeg provides a lot of filters and each filter can take a variety of
configuration options. What we're hoping to find is a set of filter
configurations (e.g. a string passed --filter-complex) that will improve
our footage. These filters need to be configured to automatically detect
frames that exhibit the issue; applying a filter at specific manually
determined time points is not sufficient. It is OK to tell ffmpeg which
parts of the video frame to use for determining proper light levels however.

If you're interested please reply directly to me and we can setup a quick
video chat to discuss the project in detail.

Oliver Dain

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