[FFmpeg-user] Contractor to help with filters

Michael Shaffer mikeshaffer at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 01:23:58 EET 2019

Issues 1 and 2 would be pretty simple to fix. I would use Adobe Photoshop
create a "curves" layer which can then be exported as a .crv file. The .crv
file can be loaded by ffmpeg and applied to the image. Adobe Photoshop has
an auto-adjust button which gets it close, then you can tweak the
individual RGB values. That is how I eliminate atmospheric haze in real
time on my live cam. Here's a view of how it looks:

I'm not sure about how you would auto detect changes in the
brightness/contrast. I know OpenCV can do that by calculating a histogram
of the entire image. I'm not sure if ffmpeg can do that or not since I've
never needed to do that.


On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 4:52 PM Oliver Dain <oliver at revl.com> wrote:

> Hi ffmpeg-users,
> My company, revl.com, has several videos that could be improved. We've
> played around with ffmpeg filters and haven't had much success. We're
> hoping to find a contractor who can help. This would be a paid contract
> probably lasting about a week.
> Specifically we have 4 types of issues:
> 1. Sections of video that are too dark due to back-lighting
> 2. Sections of video that are too dark due to general low-light levels
> 3. Bits of video that are shaky
> 4. Videos that generally look OK but could look even better with different
> saturation or contrast settings.
> Ffmpeg provides a lot of filters and each filter can take a variety of
> configuration options. What we're hoping to find is a set of filter
> configurations (e.g. a string passed --filter-complex) that will improve
> our footage. These filters need to be configured to automatically detect
> frames that exhibit the issue; applying a filter at specific manually
> determined time points is not sufficient. It is OK to tell ffmpeg which
> parts of the video frame to use for determining proper light levels
> however.
> If you're interested please reply directly to me and we can setup a quick
> video chat to discuss the project in detail.
> Thanks,
> Oliver Dain
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