[FFmpeg-user] ffplay on second monitor

Mark Leman mark at leman.net
Wed Jan 16 02:49:10 EET 2019

Hi Folks,
I am trying to use ffplay to crop and scale the 720p 16:9 output from 
vmix to provide a second 800x600 4:3 output on a video wall.

The command
ffplay -f dshow -i video="vMix Video" -an -x 800 -y 600 -noborder -vf 
"crop=960:720:160:0, scale=800:600"
does exactly what I want, but I can't move the 'noborder' window to my 
second monitor which is the video wall.

Is there a way to specify which screen the window appears on? (OS is 
Windows 10)

I have tried without the 'noboarder' option, which allows me to drag the 
window over to the second display an make it full screen. But as soon as 
I click on any other program on the first monitor ffplay drops from full 

I have also tried solving the problem with VLC but it has significant 
buffering lag.

Mark Leman

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