[FFmpeg-user] Equivalent parameter for CRF in hevc_videotoolbox

桃源老師 xanadu6291 at dream.jp
Wed Jan 16 04:25:13 EET 2019

Hello Carl-san,

> 2019/01/16 午前9:46、Carl Eugen Hoyos <ceffmpeg at gmail.com>のメール:
> 2018-12-05 15:54 GMT+01:00, 桃源老師 <xanadu6291 at dream.jp>:
>> I recently noticed that ffmpeg can use hardware acceleration via
>> videotoolbox on Mac.
> Since 2016;-)

My god!! ;-)

>> So my question is is there equivalent parameter for CRF in hevc_videotoolbox
>> codec or not.  In another word, how to set quality of hardware acceleration
>> of video?
> Only constant bitrate (or whatever the Apple driver does with the
> bitrate, could be adaptive bitrate or similar) is currently supported
> for the videotoolbox encoder.

I understand.  Thanks for your answer.

// Miya aka. TougenRoushi

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