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>> Can you suggest better wording? I'd like to see it.
> Me too, this is not my native language so i can not suggest a better wording.

Oh, you are doing fine. Trust me on this, being a native English speaker isn't all that it's cracked 
up to be -- note the "cracked up" euphemism. :-)
I assume you're a native Spanish speaker. I think that Spanish is a very sensible and logical 
language. English started out that way but got wrecked by the principle that anyone should be 
allowed to do whatever they want.

> I think it should say that undersampling makes it look bad or blurry, ...

Do you think the following -- changed "appearance" to "sharpness" & added "from film" in 2 places -- 
is improved and satisfies your desires?

[1] The Nyquist principle applies to film sampling and to digital cameras, but, provided that
     resolution is unchanged, not to transcoding (because the transcoder inputs are already
     digital). As proved by the improved sharpness of SD media made from 2K flim samples, SD
     mastering prior to the advent of 2K sampling (e.g. DVDs mastered from film before the advent
     of HD) generally ignored the Nyquist principle and were undersampled. HDs sampled from film
     at 2K and UHDs sampled from film at 4K are likewise undersampled.

> Off topic, i find your questions helpful or interesting at least on this
> list, there are concepts i know and things i don't that i had to look up

Is that "Off topic" in a user list dedicated to video processing? Really? Well, whatever the 
opinion, I thank you for your kind words.

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