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> >> Can you suggest better wording? I'd like to see it.
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> > Me too, this is not my native language so i can not suggest a better
> wording.
> Oh, you are doing fine. Trust me on this, being a native English speaker
> isn't all that it's cracked
> up to be -- note the "cracked up" euphemism. :-)
> I assume you're a native Spanish speaker. I think that Spanish is a very
> sensible and logical
> language. English started out that way but got wrecked by the principle
> that anyone should be
> allowed to do whatever they want.
> Yes, spanish speaker, well my name gives it away.

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> > I think it should say that undersampling makes it look bad or blurry, ...
> Do you think the following -- changed "appearance" to "sharpness" & added
> "from film" in 2 places --
> is improved and satisfies your desires?
Yes, that makes more clear what is the importance of using it right.

> [1] The Nyquist principle applies to film sampling and to digital cameras,
> but, provided that
>      resolution is unchanged, not to transcoding (because the transcoder
> inputs are already
>      digital). As proved by the improved sharpness of SD media made from
> 2K flim samples, SD
>      mastering prior to the advent of 2K sampling (e.g. DVDs mastered from
> film before the advent
>      of HD) generally ignored the Nyquist principle and were undersampled.
> HDs sampled from film
>      at 2K and UHDs sampled from film at 4K are likewise undersampled.
> > Off topic, i find your questions helpful or interesting at least on this
> > list, there are concepts i know and things i don't that i had to look up
> Is that "Off topic" in a user list dedicated to video processing? Really?
> Well, whatever the
> opinion, I thank you for your kind words.

I meant off topic to this mail.

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