[FFmpeg-user] MPEG-PS

Peter peter at aboutsupport.com
Sat Sep 26 15:42:46 EEST 2020


I have a file MPEG-PS, AVC264 with audio code G711u.

It does contain absolute timestamp in each frame i.e I can say when 
exactly each second of this video was shot.

I want to do the following:

1. Extract absolute timestamps from the video
2. Convert the file to MP4 h264 with some more web friendlier audio 
codec i.e aac.
3. Play the files on web using Nginx and Video.js and be able to search 
by absolute timestamp.

I am aware that most likely I will need to store absolute timestamp in 
separate files as I cannot put them in mp4.

Any help/feedback is welcome :-)



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