[FFmpeg-user] MPEG-PS

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Sat Sep 26 17:26:46 EEST 2020

On 09/26/2020 08:42 AM, Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a file MPEG-PS, AVC264 with audio code G711u.
> It does contain absolute timestamp in each frame i.e I can say when exactly each second of this 
> video was shot.
> I want to do the following:

I'm still exploring/learning the structures in program streams, but I'll give you my current notions 
and perhaps someone will confirm/refute what I write and we'll both learn, eh?

> 1. Extract absolute timestamps from the video

Absolute timestamps don't exist in an MPEG-PS. The best that can be determined is frame order and 
frame rate from which absolute timestamps can be calculated.

> 2. Convert the file to MP4 h264 with some more web friendlier audio codec i.e aac.

You want to remux video and transcode audio.

> 3. Play the files on web using Nginx and Video.js and be able to search by absolute timestamp.

I have no knowledge of these.

> I am aware that most likely I will need to store absolute timestamp in separate files as I cannot 
> put them in mp4.
> Any help/feedback is welcome :-)
> Thanks,
> Peter
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