[FFmpeg-user] colorchannelmixer: perceptual gamma

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Sat Jan 23 21:28:59 EET 2021

 > I see that if I use
> the Colours -> Components -> Channel Mixer tool and supplement the blue> channel (1.0) with the green channel (1.0) https://i.imgur.com/Q0qqgSP.png> the result is desaturated but usable https://i.imgur.com/t19QU4U.png
I'd be a little cautious about this; have you tried it on other subjects? If it's just this clip then fine - I suspect your proposed solution is working well because the gate is actually supposed to be white. What you've created here is sort of a riff on very early two-colour film systems which used red and green; they sort of work in the same way this sort of works, giving a quasi-reasonable rendition of skin tones and foliage.
If you have other situations, though, where you have subjects that are supposed to be just green, they'll end up cyan. I'm surprised it isn't more visible on the plants.
I'd gently suggest that something like Resolve (free version available for major platforms) which allows you to get creative in how and where this stuff is applied.

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