[FFmpeg-user] minterpolate ...for Paul

pdr0 pdr0 at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 29 16:39:20 EET 2021

Paul B Mahol wrote
>> The problem is ffmpeg minterpolate is soooo slow, and you have no usable
>> preview. Some of the other methods mentioned earlier do have previews - 
>> so
>> you can tweak settings, preview, readjust etc....
> Why you ignore fact that libavfilter also allows usable preview and
> readjust of parameters.

You can technically, but minterpolate is not very user friendly - It's too
slow for real work and feedback, and you cannot keyframe the settings on
different scenes very easily. It's barely usable unless you program your own
GUI around libavfilter 

More settings would help too - maybe you can improve the filter. I'll post
an example later similar to one posted by Mark, where it's "solvable" using
other methods, but not using minterpolate. Minterpolate maxes out at a block
size of 16, and that causes problems in that and similar examples, nor does
it have internal pad options to improve motion vectors. 

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