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pdr0 pdr0 at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 29 16:49:40 EET 2021

pdr0 wrote
> More settings would help too - maybe you can improve the filter. I'll post
> an example later similar to one posted by Mark, where it's "solvable"
> using
> other methods, but not using minterpolate. Minterpolate maxes out at a
> block
> size of 16, and that causes problems in that and similar examples, nor
> does
> it have internal pad options to improve motion vectors. 

Here are some test videos - 

I made a source video "interp_test_src.mp4" @23.976p which has simulated
camera pan movement similar to Mark's example. 

"minterpolate_default.mp4" is the using the default settings . Similar
artifacts along top and bottom of frame near the letterbox edge.  Cropping
and padding (both external to the filter) did not help much. Central portion
along the windows have some bad areas in some frames too.  Typical motion
interpolation artifacts

Test1_mvtools2 using typical settings (default blksize of 16) . Similar

test2_mvtools2_nocrop_nopad has a blksize of 32, but no crop or pad
internally. It's better in the central and top and bottom, but still some
"edge dragging" artifacts

Test2_mvtools2 has blksize of 32, is cropped and padded internally to
improve motion vectors (this makes a difference along the frame borders
along the letter box bars), then letterbox bars added back. This is much
cleaner with only minor artifacting. This one would actually be usable by
most people

On this sequence, a larger blocksize of 32 helps with the central artifacts,
and the and internal padding helps with frame edges for mvtools2. 

I suspect if minterpolate had options for larger blocksizes and internal
padding it would improve too

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