[FFmpeg-user] Next Release

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Jan 29 21:45:04 EET 2021

Am 29.01.21 um 20:38 schrieb Wolfgang Hugemann:
>> why should they?
>> there are enough distributions and compilers
> Because the average user cannot compile code her-/himself. 

that's what linux distributions for

> Especially on
> Windows, it is not that easy to compile ffmpeg. (Well, I succeeded at last.)


so what is your problem?

you really expect from upstream providing binraies when they are even 
not capable to tag source minor version when you can download 
pre-compiled binaries anyways?

honestly - be happy that someone invests time to ensure it's buildable 
at all on windows especially these days where you can use WSL, 
containers and virtual machines

no need for native windows binaries at all

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