[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg transitions not working

iburman at compuscience.com iburman at compuscience.com
Sat Jun 19 15:52:21 EEST 2021

I'm having problems with transitions. To be sure I am not making something
wrong, I simply copy/paste the example shown in
https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#xfade, adjusted my two video file
names to comply with the example, and got the same problems as with my own


The example on the site shows this: ffmpeg -i first.mp4 -i second.mp4
-filter_complex xfade=transition=fade:duration=2:offset=5 output.mp4

My first and second files have 1 min each.


First I run the command without any change; obviously offset 5 isn't
appropriate but I gave it a try.

Second I adjusted duration to 10 and offset to 55 to be appropriate with my
two mp4 files. The result was the same:

The final output.mp4 has the right duration (1:55) but it is totally black.


What I see during execution is that the first video is read/copied to
output.mp4 quite fast. After that it starts reading second.mp4 and works a
very long time on it, probably close to one minute.


Attached are the two console outputs. Transition_01 has duration=2 and
offset=5 while transition_02 has duration=10 and offset=55. Unfortunately I
don't have the knowledge to find out if this output provides any hint of
what is wrong. Any help is appreciated.



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