[FFmpeg-user] 4K Way to large to stream

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Tue Jun 29 11:47:40 EEST 2021

rbarnes at njdevils.net (12021-06-28):
> I did a 10 sec preview from the middle of the file.  It is very grainy.  Is

It was expected. You cannot have both a small file and perfect quality,
I hope you realize that.

> the -s 384x160 the output Frame Size?

You have not perused the documentation as I urged you.

> I think that would be way too small for a 4K video convert.

There is no such thing as too small for a convert, there is only what
you want to do. Which you neglected to state. And probably to think
about. Start with that.

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Please remember that top-posting is forbidden on this list. Look it up.
You are unlikely to get further useful help if you do it again.


  Nicolas George
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