[FFmpeg-user] 4K Way to large to stream

rbarnes at njdevils.net rbarnes at njdevils.net
Tue Jun 29 15:57:51 EEST 2021

on: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 4:48 AM Nicolas George Wrote

>It was expected. You cannot have both a small file and perfect quality, I
hope you realize that.

Yes I do realize that and I did read the Document here
<https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html> and searched for the ' -s ' and ' -r '
The ' -s ' switch was not very informative from what I could discern in the
document.  I was unable to locate a parameter list for that switch.  I'm
sure it's there, I just did not find it.  When I replied back, I made the
assumption that you were trying to assist in preserving the 4K stream and I
was reading the switch documentation incorrectly and asked for

>You have not perused the documentation as I urged you.

I did read before I replied.  I made the mistake of not taking the time to
clarify my reply with more information. 

>There is no such thing as too small for a convert, there is only what you
want to do. Which you neglected to state. And probably to think about. Start
with that.

That is a correct statement.  I should have taken much more time with my
initial ask to avoid the confusion and miscommunication I initiated.  I am
so informed.


Hello once again Nicolas,

Not sure if I managed to alleviate the top-posting issue.  I read the rules
and think I interpreted them correctly.

Back to my original issue with much more clarity.

I'm trying to figure a way to preserve the 4K content from a 50GB Video in
order to stream it from my server.  The Current video is a ripped blue ray,
this information is probably irrelevant, and if I can succeed here then all
the family GoPro video's can be shared all along the coast to the whole
displaced family.  Great Idea in practice so far.

My Goal....

I would very much like to figure a way to Keep the 4K quality and reformat
the video for streaming.  As an example, my daughters 2 hour recital hit the
80GB mark using a GoPro 9 set to record HDR.
My ultimate goal is to have a 4K SDR video small enough to stream over PLEX.

If I can avoid transcoding and keep it direct play (8 Bit, 5.1, SDR) then
anything under 15GB will stream without buffering.
The GoPro is h.264 and h.265 will still preserve direct play.

If you could, would you provide a correction to my script heading in the
direction I'm aiming for.  I will experiment with it and hopefully find a
solution.  Just executing scripts hoping to find the sweet spot takes days
and days to run.


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