[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG : android_camera : Audio Input???

Hemant K hemant.kathuria at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 08:11:12 EET 2021

Hello ,

I am using the below command to broadcast from android phone. I am able to view the Video but it is not capturing the audio from phone. Could you please let me know what is missing to all capturing the audio from phone?

FFmpegKit.executeAsync("-f android_camera -r 15 -i 0:0 -vf scale=-1:240 -c:v libx264 -vprofile baseline -preset ultrafast -tune zerolatency -g 30 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a aac -ar:a 48k -b:a 88k -f flv rtmps://xxxxx.channel.media.azure.net:2935/live/xxxx/stream",

To invoke the FFMPEG in the android , I am using this library.
android_camera libx264 rtmps : Audio not capturing · Discussion #236 · tanersener/ffmpeg-kit · GitHub<https://github.com/tanersener/ffmpeg-kit/discussions/236> (Package Name :  com.arthenica:ffmpeg-kit-full-gpl:4.5)


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