[FFmpeg-user] Hello all. My 1st project and 1st question: is ok to sell my software if it is calling ffmpeg in the background to encode?

Javier Cortes jaccolo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 05:44:43 EET 2021

Hello ffmpeg friends,

my name is Javier. I'm based in Los Angeles.  I was born in Argentina and since teenager I loved coding cool tools. 

Today (not a teenager anymore) I work as sound designer and video editor. 

just recently, I re-connected to coding using Xojo. Then, I discover the power of ffmpeg and it open the door to an imaginable range of opportunities for me. 

I started to dream about creating and selling software (based on my own needs working in post production), 

I'm at a medium/starting level in coding i guess, and there is a very potential scenario where I may need to hire someone for consulting or to help me to finalize some ideas that i don't know really how to do. So, these emails at the ffmpeg website are great!

I would like to ask, is it ok to "call" ffmpeg from my program and be the "engine" to perform what i need? 
is any price that i have to pay if i sell my tools to some friends?  

for example, if my software prepare the files, folders, etc and ask ffmpeg to re-encode them in the background, for example from prores to mp4, or to make mp3, etc.
is it ok for me to do that?

Thank you for your hard work and to bring inspiration to all of us! 

Javier Cortes
jaccolo at gmail.com

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