[FFmpeg-user] Fluorescent White Balance Video Filters

Bouke / edit 'B bouke at editb.nl
Tue Apr 19 22:08:27 EEST 2022

> On 19 Apr 2022, at 21:00, Carl Zwanzig <cpz at tuunq.com> wrote:
> On 4/19/2022 11:52 AM, Bouke / edit 'B wrote:
>>> How would you do that when there are only parameters for R and B?
>> AFAIK, YUV = R-Y B-Y, so it’s just math.
>> Doing corrections in RGB is simpler for a mortal,
> and in analog :)
> What I'm getting at is there are no green terms on that filter's controls so I don't see a way to directly adjust green (my point). This makes sense for a filter that's trying to correct what we call white balance- like a three-legged stool, you only ever have to adjust two legs to make the top level.
Could be I’m missing the point, but cutting / extending two legs of a three legged chair will close to NEVER make the desired height.
But yes, it will level it if needed, to stick to the reference.

I'm missing out on the ‘analog’ reference. AFAIK, YUV is still in use in (digital) codecs.
And it’s hard to grasp if you do color correction, and are used to fancy tools like Resolve. (That used to be a 100.000+ tool not so long ago.)


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