[FFmpeg-user] Fluorescent White Balance Video Filters

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Tue Apr 19 23:15:09 EEST 2022

On 4/19/2022 12:08 PM, Bouke / edit 'B wrote:
> Could be I’m missing the point, but cutting / extending two legs of a
> three legged chair will close to NEVER make the desired height.Agreed, but...

> But yes, it will level it if needed, to stick to the reference.
And that's the point of color/white-balance correction; if the overall 
levels are wrong, it's a different adjustment.

> I'm missing out on the ‘analog’ reference. 
Going back to analog video production systems but carried through to modern 
ones- green is not independently adjustable. The controls on a camera 
control will be black level, white level (usually controls the lens iris), 
sc (color) & horiz. phase, then blue and red min/max. No twiddles just for 

One of the true tests of a broadcast engineer was doing outdoor sports and 
getting all the cameras to show the grass as the color/intensity and the 
uniforms to look good. Add shifting sunlight and they have a lot of work ahead.



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