[FFmpeg-user] Extract chapter names to a text file?

Laine llee040 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 5 23:36:11 EET 2022

> This might include the information you want in its output file, but you may need to otherwise process the output to format it as you described.
> (Use “-y” if you don’t mind overwriting “chapters.txt”.)
> ffmpeg -y -loglevel error -i input -f ffmetadata chapters.txt
> L. Lee

If you are able to generate “chapters.txt” but observe an overabundance of information in that file, you might try the options that I used to get just the video title and a list of the chapters.

Download match.pl (it appears in text on the page, just copy it using your browser) from
http://noahdavids.org/self_published/match.html <http://noahdavids.org/self_published/match.html>
and make it executable on your system.

Then run this command:
perl match.pl -match title -file chapters.txt | perl -pe 's/title=//s’

I’m sure there are perl savvy subscribers to this list who know how to yield the same results while bypassing match.pl, but match.pl seemed useful to me.

L. Lee

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