[FFmpeg-user] Extract chapter names to a text file?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Tue Dec 6 02:10:45 EET 2022

On 12/5/2022 1:36 PM, Laine wrote:
> If you are able to generate “chapters.txt” but observe an overabundance
> of information in that file, you might try the options that I used to get
> just the video title and a list of the chapters.

'grep' does wonders for pulling info out of files
   grep '^title=' chapters.txt

(return all lines that start with "title=")
all *nix and the mac should have grep, windoze doesn't unless you installed 
it yourself

Or use mediainfo, which allows you to easily specify what data you want and 
how it's formatted.


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