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Jim DeLaHunt list+ffmpeg-user at jdlh.com
Mon Feb 7 09:15:23 EET 2022

On 2022-02-06 22:37, Mark Filipak wrote:
> Greetings!
> For those interested in an object-oriented video notation for concise 
> descriptions of video structures...
>   ___ This attachment:
>  /
> => Video Notation.01.Preface.html
> => Video Notation.02.Teasers.html
>    Video Notation.03.EnhancedTerminology.html
>    Video Notation.04.Reference.html
>    Video Notation.05.EncodingOfDVD&BlurayContent.html
>    Video Notation.06.AboutAudio.html
>    Video Notation.07.RecoveringTheCameraShots.html
>    Video Notation.08.BasicPrimitives.html
>    Video Notation.09.PulldownPrimitives.html
>    Video Notation.10.AdvancedInterpolations.html
>    Video Notation.11.SeenInTheWild.html

Hmmm. ZIP archives of HTML files, sent by five email messages? Really?

It would be easier to review if you were to put these files on a web 
server. People could read them with a click in a web browser, instead of 
opening five ZIP archives and gathering the HTML files into one directory.

It would be easier to review if you were to name the files consistently 
with the link targets. e.g. in 01.html, link with text "Seen In The 
Wild, Repairing Video" has HREF="LinguaFranca.11.SeenInTheWild.html", 
but the corresponding file is named "Video 
Notation.11.SeenInTheWild.html", which is different. Thus the link does 
not work.

The uncompressed HTML files add up to only 120 kilobytes. What is the 
need, in this day and age, to compress 120kB of HTML files? Even more, 
what is the need to compress into not one but five separate archives?  I 
would be astonished if email systems these days had any trouble with a 
120kB of attachments.

And, the glossary is incomplete. 01.html uses a term "texipix", but 
neither that page nor 03.html defines the term.

And once you update 03.html, you face a problem of getting a new edition 
to your readers. If only the page was on a server where each reader, on 
each reading, got the most recent edition of the page….

Best regards,
     —Jim DeLaHunt

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