[FFmpeg-user] Video Notation, A Video Lingua Franca 1+2of11.zip (8.8 KB)

Mark Filipak markfilipak.noreply at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 09:59:04 EET 2022

On 2022-02-07 02:15, Jim DeLaHunt wrote:
> It would be easier to review if you were to name the files consistently with the link targets. e.g. 
> in 01.html, link with text "Seen In The Wild, Repairing Video" has 
> HREF="LinguaFranca.11.SeenInTheWild.html", but the corresponding file is named "Video 
> Notation.11.SeenInTheWild.html", which is different. Thus the link does not work.

Oops! I renamed them at the last minute but failed to check the linkages in the ribbon across the top.

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